Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Wild Genetic Goose Chase: An Interview With Tony Holtzman

target=_blank>A renowned researcher, scholar, and activist, Tony
Holtzman has studied for decades the medical use of genetic
technologies. He has largely focused on the policy implications of the
technologies, genetic screening, and the use of genetic tests to
determine susceptibility to common diseases or the possibility of
altered reactions to drug treatments.

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Map of US Biodefense Program

target=_blank>image of map


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NIAID Biodefense Program Funds in Violation of Federal Biosafety Rules

target=_blank>The biodefense program of the National Institutes of
Health (NIH) is not following the Institutes' own biosafety guidelines
in grants made to research biological weapons agents.

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Consumers become more cautious about modified foods

target=_blank>At Trust Mart, a large supermarket in Guangzhou (China),
shoppers are sauntering in front of the cooking oil shelves carefully
checking out products that feature mainly soy bean oil, corn oil and
peanut oil.

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Judge orders Hawaiian locations of biopharm crops revealed

target=_blank>Chief Judge David Ezra agreed with the plaintiff Center
for Food Safety, represented by the public interest law firm
Earthjustice, that the locations of the so-called biopharm crops is not
confidential proprietary business information.

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Craig Venter's Epic Voyage to Redefine the Origin of the Species

target=_blank>Leaving colleagues and rivals to comb through the
finished human code in search of individual genes, he has decided to
sequence the genome of Mother Earth.

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US Dept of Homeland Security to Begin Biometric Exit Pilot

target=_blank>As a part of the border management system introduced at
airports and seaports earlier this year, the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security (DHS) today announced that it will pilot and evaluate
US-VISIT automated biometric exit procedures for foreign visitors.

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target=_blank>Experts are saying that the electronic identification
chips that will be imbedded in US passports to allow computer matching
of facial characteristics is prone to a high rate of error.

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French protesters trash biotech corn field

france_biotech_food_040815001949" target=_blank>Several hundred
protesters trashed a field of genetically engineered corn, despite the
presence of about 100 pro-biotech militants and almost as many

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RNA could form building blocks for nanomachines

target=_blank>Microscopic scaffolding to house the tiny components of
nanotech devices could be built from RNA, the same substance that
shuttles messages around a cell's nucleus, reports a Purdue University
research group.

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Stem cell initiative leads by small margin

BAGDQ88FKV1.DTL" target=_blank>An unexpectedly close race in the
campaign to pass a statewide initiative for stem cell research appears
to have become a microcosm -- California-size -- of the equally
polarized national presidential race.

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Britain Grants License to Make Human Embryos for Stem Cells

target=_blank>British regulators on Wednesday issued the country's
first license to use cloning techniques to generate a human embryo to
produce stem cells that might be used for the treatment of disease.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Turning Genetically Engineered Trees Into Toxic Avengers

target=_blank>Dr. Richard Meagher, a professor of genetics at the
University of Georgia, genetically engineered the trees to extract
mercury from the soil, store it without being harmed, convert it to a
less toxic form of mercury and release it into the air.

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Austarlia's Gene Technology Regulator issues licence

target=_blank>The application requested approval to undertake a limited
and controlled release of genetically modified (GM) virus-resistant
white clover on one site in Victoria over four planting seasons
(2004-2007), comprising a maximum area of 494 square metres per
planting season.

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Advance gene therapy might prevent heart attack damage

therapy_x.htm" target=_blank>The findings, based on work in rats, are
reported in this week's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of

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Hopes Now Outpace Stem Cell Science

target=_blank>But for all the promise, and for all the fervent hopes of
patients and their families that cures from stem cells will come soon,
researchers say many questions in basic science remain to be

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By Accident, Utah Is Proving an Ideal Genetic Laboratory

target=_blank>Utah DNA is being used for an international study that
seeks to identify chromosomes linked to diseases like asthma and

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GE papaya scandal in Thailand

item_id=547563" target=_blank>Independent laboratory tests carried out
in Hong Kong showed that packages of papaya seeds being sold by the
Department of Agriculture's research station in the province of Khon
Kaen contained GE seeds.

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