Saturday, December 25, 2004

Common Science

Commons is a new project of Creative Commons and will launch on January
1, 2005. The mission of Science Commons is to encourage scientific
innovation by making it easier for scientists, universities, and
industries to use literature, data, and other scientific intellectual
property and to share their knowledge with others. Science Commons
works within current copyright and patent law to promote legal and
technical mechanisms that remove barriers to sharing.

An href="
page=features&issue=23" target=_blank>interview
with the new SC Ex
Director, John Wilbanks is also on Open Access Now.

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Green Santas crusade against GM crops

slug=Green+Santas+crusade+against+GM+crops+&id=65717" target=_blank>The
green Santas are crusading against the ill-effects of genetically
engineered crops and instead of gifts, they are handing out
environmentally relevant pamphlets.

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FDA Clears First of Kind Genetic Lab Test

newsid=18293&nfid=mnf" target=_blank>The Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) today cleared for marketing the first laboratory test system that
will allow physicians to consider unique genetic information from
patients in selecting medications and doses of medications for a wide
variety of common conditions such as cardiac disease, psychiatric
disease, and cancer.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Bioweapons and Biodefense Freedom of Information Fund

"The Bioweapons
and Biodefense Freedom of Information Fund (FOI Fund) promotes
transparency in research on biological (and biochemical) weapons. The
Fund files requests under the US Freedom of Information Act and other
open records laws, distributing results to civil society organizations,
academic researchers, and the general public."

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


12/19/INGOPABFST1.DTL&type=health" target=_blank>Article on the need
for more communication between the multiple parties debating
A bit simplistic in its definition of the points of
contention, but does point to the media's lack of facilitation thus far
in the discussion.

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Developers are key to biotech growth formula

The macro politics of micro-technologies. href="
focus1.html" target=_blank>Vast concrete bunkers of sophisticated
offices and labs are key ingredients that scientists and county
officials alike need to concoct a successful Scripps-based cluster
industry in rural Palm Beach County.

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Genetic counseling advances

21/genetic_counseling_advances/" target=_blank>As a growing number of
patients undergo tests to learn their genetic risk for diseases,
Simmons College and Brandeis University are preparing to offer New
England's first program in genetic counseling for people working in
health care. The course, to be offered over the Internet, will guide
nurses, social workers, and others through issues such as what to
advise a couple whose first child has a genetically inherited disease
and who are deciding whether to risk having another.

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UCSB scientists build nanoscale 'jigsaw' puzzles made of RNA

newsid=18129&nfid=mnf" target=_blank>Scientists at the University of
California, Santa Barbara, working at the leading edge of
bionanotechnology, are using assembly and folding principles of natural
RNA, or ribonucleic acid, to build beautiful and potentially useful
artificial structures at the nano-scale. Possible applications include
the development of nanocircuits, medical implants, and improved medical

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Nanomanufacturing Investment Act

target=_blank>Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose) in June introduced HR 4656,
the Nanomanufacturing Investment Act that creates a public-private
partnership to bridge the funding gap between nanotechnology research –
which manipulates material at the level of individual atoms and has the
potential to be a $1 trillion global market industry in the next decade
– and its ultimate commercialization in the marketplace.

all technological developments, the connection between military and
commercial applications of nanotech should be watched closely.
target=_blank>Nanotech On The Front Lines
via Forbes
-1009571.html" target=_blank>MIT, Army open nanotech center
target=_blank>Military Key Customer For Nanotech Startups
via the
conservative newsletter Free Republic

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The Future of Food

A video by film/video maker Debra Koons-Garcia, called the href="" target=_blank>Future of Food, is
being exhibited in YOUgenics3.0 at the Betty Rymer Gallery in Chicago.
The video is a thorough critique of the biotech/ag industry and makes a
strong argument for local/organic farming. Includes interviews with href=""
target=_blank>Ignacio Chapela
, href=""
target=_blank>Andrew Kimbrell
, href="" target=_blank>Percy Schmeiser
and others.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004


GE food in Thailand: href="
news=opinion_15746663.html" target=_blank>article in the Nation

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Nanoparticles - known and unknown health risks

target=_blank>Manmade nanoparticles range from the well-established
multi-ton production of carbon black and fumed silica for applications
in plastic fillers and car tyres to microgram quantities of fluorescent
quantum dots used as markers in biological imaging. As nano-sciences
are experiencing massive investment worldwide, there will be a further
rise in consumer products relying on nanotechnology. While benefits of
nanotechnology are widely publicised, the discussion of the potential
effects of their widespread use in the consumer and industrial products
are just beginning to emerge. This review provides comprehensive
analysis of data available on health effects of nanomaterials.

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Debate over genetically modified rice crops

target=_blank>The raging controversy over genetically engineered (GE)
crops and food, which was focussed on cotton, has now shifted to rice,
the staple diet of millions in the sub-continent, with opponents of
transgenic food warning that it could spell ruination for farmers.

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Genetic Family Values

target=_blank>The bond between mother and child is an elemental part of
the human fabric. So, some would say, is the promiscuous tendency of
the male. With genetic foundations being discovered or claimed for
everything from spirituality to fear, it should come as no surprise
that two studies this year found evidence that both of these varieties
of love reduce to genes and brain chemistry.

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Hospital patents DNA probes, which offer hope for genetic disorders

target=_blank>article in Miami Herald

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Coming Atomic Age

Nanotech futurism from it's main visionary, Eric Drexler.

But what did the first "Atomic Age" give us...

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German researchers and industry decry a new crop law as being detrimental to innovation

"This law is going to have dramatic consequences," Katzek said.
"Planting GM crops in Germany is now an economic risk. Simply an
economic risk."

Wow. Imagine that. Doing business with practically untested biological
materials might be a risk. If we're lucky it's "Simply an economic

target=_blank>article in the Scientist

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GAO Report Eases Biotech Fears...

for investors. Because that's what it's really about.
cx_mh_1202gao.html" target=_blank>Biotech investors have been nervous
about new rules regarding how doctors are compensated for the cost of
giving chemotherapy drugs to Medicare and Medicaid patients. But a new
report from the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) may have
given investors new confidence and fueled today's sector-wide stock

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Biotech bug-busters work on art treasures

target=_blank>Biotechnology is meeting art in Venezuela as scientists
try to save the country's art treasures from being ruined by its
tropical insects, fungi and humidity.

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More on genetics and race...

fuseaction=readNews&itemid=1782&language=1" target=_blank>Plan to map
genetic diversity of Asian nations

target=_blank>Racial Disparities Noted In Immune System Genes

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Wild Claim of the Day

target=_blank>'Stem Cell Therapy to Cure Paralyzed Patients by

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Stem cell talk gets bus driver fired

target=_blank>Julianne Thompson, 42, told students in November that
actor Mel Gibson had said such research had not produced a single human
cure in 23 years.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Bayer terminates GE work in India

item_id=647402" target=_blank>Bayer has pulled out of GE research in
India after sustained pressure from Greenpeace; this is the biotech
giant's third defeat this year proving just how unsustainable and
unwanted GE agriculture is.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

US Retains Illegal Patent on Treaty-Violating Bioweapons Grenade

The United States has not relinquished an illegal patent, granted in
February 2003, on a long-range biological weapons grenade. In May of
last year, the Sunshine Project revealed the patent (6,523,478), held
by the US Army, and charged that the grenade violates the Biological
Weapons Convention (BWC). The BWC, which meets next week at the United
Nations in Geneva, prohibits development of bioweapons delivery devices
"in any circumstance".
A year and half later, the biogrenade patent stands unaltered and no
move has been made to withdraw it.

From the target=_blank>Sunshine Project's Biodefense project

target=_blank>The patent

BU144036.DTL" target=_blank>An article in the SF Chronical

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