Thursday, December 15, 2005

Overpopulation, the State and Law

A recent article on Alternet resulted in some interesting discussion about the "problem" of overpopulation. The article discusses illegally forced sterilizations and abortions taking place in localized parts of China. Interestingly, many readers took exception to the critical position of the article, basically arguing that such policy enforcement is warranted by the social and ecological condition of overpopulation. It seems neo-Malthusianism is as strong as ever, and is not just a belief held by US anti-immigration groups. With the ecological and social crises that are emerging, it's a bit disturbing to hear so-called progressives scramble for fascist solutions.
At least one reader comments on the real problem (as I see it): that natural resource depletion is the product of an industrial/urban population that has for way too long existed off of the land and backs of its Global Other. Maybe population is less of a problem than the way those of us in the "civilized world" choose to live.

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