Tuesday, January 24, 2006

From Biotech to Nanotech

The ETC Group just sent out an announcement about discussions they are part of at the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela starting today.
"A panel discussion with Pat Mooney (ETC Group, Canada), Andres Barreda, (CASIFOP, Mexico), Elizabeth Bravo (Accion Ecologica, Ecuador), Edgardo Lander (Universidad Central de Venezuela), Silvia Ribeiro (ETC Group, Mexico)... will focus on the social, economic and environmental impacts of biotech on local communities and what we can expect with the advance of nanotechnology - the manipulation of matter, both living and non-living, at the scale of atoms and molecules.
There's also a workshop on "Biopiracy, Human Genomics and New Technologies" that "will include presentations and debate on the human Genographic Project (IBM and National Geographic), Craig Venter's global expedition to "sequence the genome of the seas," the creation of novel life forms (synthetic genomics) and the implications of the global effort to collect human DNA through the "HapMap" Project."

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In response to the biotech to nanotech article I believe that once scientist start manipulating matter of both living and non-living elements technology will be at a whole new different level that I believe is potenially dangerous. Although the thought of cloning seems beneficial when you need an organ or body part the problem is some people may want to take things a step futher through drastic measures once they start to experiment with the scale of atoms and molecules. Once this occurs then where will that lead mankind?
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