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Adam Zaretsky & bio-art and education

Adam Zaretsky is a teacher and practitioner of VivoArts: Art and Biolog Studio. Art and Biology is an emerging and politically charged techno-artistic field. Immersion in the world of scientific study exposes artists to the ‘other’ culture and refines their process and commentary.
Often hidden from ideas of free play and improvised action, scientists can glean healthy novelty and even inspiration through close contact with the less regal but often more innovative clan. Included in his Biological Art Practices are such non-laboratory based movements as Live Art, EcoArt, Food Art and Animal Interrelation Art. An active student of Developmental Biology and Transgenic Theory and Practice, Adam believes GMOs are a transnational and diasporic issue for both humans and the rest of the lifeworld. Human desire is reshaping evolution for contentious ends.
Designer babies, goat milk pharmacies, racialised germ warfare… the coming century will prove to be another test of world resiliency in the face of the least mature organismic organization: mediated pop culture.

Some examples of titles of Zaretsky's lectures: "Posthuman Temptation : Eros and Mutagenesis";
"Ooops... The Boners and Blunders of Bioart Practice and Pedagogy"; "Transhumanism from the Inside Out: Flesh Creatives and the Ethics of Body"

Adam Zaretsky is also available for Biotechnology Workshops for Artists or for the Public Understanding of Science. The goal of these workshops is to create an open ended interface between life and the arts. The interfaces between human society, biotechnology and the ecosphere are identified, rethought and collaged together to form signs of definitional breakdown. Demystifying and irreverent, the VivoArts Lecture and Lab Workshops include any or all of the following:

Gooey Flesh Codex: Hybrid DNA extraction
Pure Germ Tech: Fresh Water Microbe Culturing
Biotech Hobbyist: Make Your Own Sterile Hood
Understanding GMOs: Bacterial Transformation
Ecology and Ethics: Seed Broadcasting
Bioethics 1: Developmental Embryology Sculpting
Bioethics 2: Embryonic Stem Cell Tissue Culturing
Body Mix: Live Art and Biology Performance

Zaretsky's article on "The Mutagenic Arts" from CIAC's Electronic Magazine, 2005

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