Friday, March 09, 2007

GMO Legislation (US)

Some recent legal rulings regarding GE crops in the US

On February 13 (2007), a Federal Court ruled that the USDA did not follow federal law when it approved Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Alfalfa. The ruling was the result of a lawsuit against the USDA brought by the Center for Food Safety and primarily concerned the potential of Monsanto's alfalfa to contaminate conventional alfalfa crops, which would have devastating consequences for conventional alfalfa farmers. Apparently, this is the first such ruling in a federal court against the USDA.

Monsanto, has of course, responded with a motion.

A bill has recently been introduced into the state assembly of California that would make corporations, like Monsanto, responsible for any negative effects their GE crops cause to conventional farmers due to "contamination".

This article, from the Institute of Science in Society (a UK-based organization) discusses three recent rulings against GMO crops in US federal courts, including the Monsanto alfalfa ruling.

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