Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Green Revolution 2.0?

The ETC Group released a report on 5 new programs that the group is labelling "Green Revolution 2.0" after the first Green Revolution following WWII that had such drastic impacts in India and across the globe. From their press release:
"While a comprehensive approach to African agriculture seems logical, ETC Group is concerned that all of the major initiatives are "top-down" exports from OECD countries. Nobody is talking to farmers or their organizations. The Canadian government, for example, is building a $30 million biotech research facility in Nairobi to pursue genetically modified crops. The request came from an international research network headquartered in Washington - not from Africans. Likewise, the Gates/Rockefeller AGRA initiative already has a detailed plan on how to spend its first $150 million but admits that it has yet to talk with African farmers' organizations. "

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