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gay gamete iconClover Leary :: Gay Gamete Donation

There has been an increasing popular acceptance of genetic reasoning in debates about gender and sexual orientation. Genetic explanations appear to be objective, and far less ambiguous than environmental, social, or behavioral models. They serve to codify what is normal or deviant, while
ignoring the fact that categories such as homosexual, criminal, and deviant are historical products,
not biological categories. The homosexual body is one area of contention and debate in genetic
The Gay Gamete project was in part a response to recent FDA legislation which prohibits sperm
banks from accepting homosexual candidates into sperm donor programs. The legal battles over
gamete screening, donation, and genetic disclosure are areas on which genetic debates get played
out. In these scenarios gay DNA can be understood as a potential contaminant.
The audience for is seemingly the homosexual men and women who could
potentially become gamete donors. This sites ideology is based on a set of genetic essentialist
assumptions about homosexual causation. The apparent logic is that if homosexuality is the product
of genetics, and homosexuals reproduce at a fraction of the rate of heterosexual people, the gene
or genes which “cause” homosexuality to occur will eventually die out, causing the eventual
extinction of homosexuality. The organization responsible for views homosexuals as
a distinct genetic race, and has an agenda which includes the protection and advancement of gay
culture through the production of new members. To accomplish these ends,
promotes the infiltration of egg and sperm donation clinics by homosexual applicants. This web site
acts in part as an instruction manual on how a gay person can fulfill their procreative duty through
the infiltration of a gamete donation clinic. However, this site also acts as an accurate and
comprehensive informational site about egg and sperm donation processes, procedures, physical
and legal risks, financial incentives, and screening processes. The site explains the laws and policies
that govern clinics and applicants, and also investigates desirable and undesirable donor
characteristics. acts as a location on which dialog about genetic determinist arguments of
homosexual causation can take place. It is additionally a forum for the discussion of broader issues
concerning reproductive technologies and genetic essentialism.

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